Ever thought about running your own pub?

Our Aims

  • To promote British beers, especially cask conditioned ales
  • To protect the unique heritage of family brewing companies in Britain
  • Increase Family Brewers' market share every year
  • To engage with Government and ensure that our views are heard
  • To defend the structure of tied pubs by ownership

Our membership criteria

IFBB currently has thirty members who are all long established independent brewing companies in the UK, with varying corporate structures but a common thread of family involvement in an executive capacity. IFBB is open to new members who operate substantial brewing and/or pub interests and who share the same company profile, which must include the following essential points:

  1. Membership of the BBPA is a prerequisite.
    The IFBB operates within this leading UK trade association for brewing and pub retailing. We are a forum for like-minded companies of a particular type within the BBPA and we are not an alternative trade association. We do not have any employed executives - we simply use our members’ resources as required.
  2. IFBB members must demonstrate an absolute commitment to the brewery tie as a business model.We believe in the enduring strength of the traditional tenancy arrangement between brewer and publican and we require member companies to state their unequivocal support for the preservation of the tie in the UK.
  3. Whilst support for the tie is mandatory we do not place any stipulation on number of pubs owned, because each company varies in size.
    IFBB members must have an operating and financial interest in pub retailing connected by the tie.
  4. At the heart of each IFBB member company is a commitment to the brewing of cask-conditioned beers, so an operating and financial interest in brands and brewing is essential.
  5. IFBB members are predominately family owned or family controlled businesses in which a family member holds a senior level appointment.
  • Arkell's Arkell's
  • Batemans Batemans
  • Black Sheep Black Sheep
  • Brakspear Brakspear
  • Charles Wells Charles Wells
  • Bathams Bathams
  • Thwaites Thwaites
  • Donnington Donnington
  • Everards Everards
  • Robinsons Robinsons
  • Fullers Fullers
  • Hall & Woodhouse Hall & Woodhouse
  • Harveys Harveys
  • Holdens Holdens
  • Hook Norton Hook Norton
  • Elgoods Hook Norton
  • Hydes Hook Norton
  • Holts Hook Norton
  • JW Lees JW Lees
  • McMullen McMullen
  • Palmers Palmers
  • brains brains
  • Shepherd Neame Shepherd Neame
  • St Austall St Austall
  • theakston theakston
  • timothy-tailor timothy-tailor
  • wadworths wadworths
  • youngs youngs