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Popularity of Cask Beer on the Rise

Perceptions of quality and image are changing and there seems to be growing interest in cask beer amongst pub-goers.

The Publican Brands Report, 2007.

The call for ‘a pint of bitter’ remains one of the defining characteristics of the British pub, although these days the customer is more likely to have to ask for their brew by name to make sure that they get the right one.

Phil Mellows, The Publican Brands Report, 2007.

Cask beer is showing signs of returning to growth and today cask beer is performing better than keg beer. Being unique to the on-trade brings with it a major unique selling point – a great reason to visit the local pub! Great quality cask beer is a mark of overall quality. It differentiates a good pub from a bad pub, making cask beer a ‘Cross the Road’ category and one that can not be replicated 'in the home'.

Demographic shifts now point to a growing 45+ age group, which bodes well for future cask beer volumes – this category brings with it a higher disposable income and is therefore prepared to pay that bit more for quality and choice.


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  • Charles Wells Charles Wells
  • Bathams Bathams
  • Thwaites Thwaites
  • Donnington Donnington
  • Everards Everards
  • Robinsons Robinsons
  • Fullers Fullers
  • Hall & Woodhouse Hall & Woodhouse
  • Harveys Harveys
  • Holdens Holdens
  • Hook Norton Hook Norton
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  • Hydes Hook Norton
  • Holts Hook Norton
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