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Storing and Serving Real Beer

Delivery and Storage

  • Ensure ‘best before’ date has at least 14 days shelf life before signing for delivery
  • Store immediately in a cooled area – 12ºC-14ºC (53ºF-57ºF)
  • Rotate stock to ensure you use the oldest first
  • Seal all empty casks before returning to prevent infection of other beers


  • Storing & Serving Real BeerTemperature – use a thermometer to measure temperature of the beer in the glass. It should read between 12°C-14°C(53°F-57°F)
  • Appearance – the beer should be bright and should create a lacing on the side of the glass when drunk. This means the beer has ‘condition’
  • Aroma – is it appetising?
  • Taste - most important of all, it should taste clean and fresh and not dull and tainted
  • Arkell's Arkell's
  • Batemans Batemans
  • Black Sheep Black Sheep
  • Brakspear Brakspear
  • Charles Wells Charles Wells
  • Bathams Bathams
  • Thwaites Thwaites
  • Donnington Donnington
  • Everards Everards
  • Robinsons Robinsons
  • Fullers Fullers
  • Hall & Woodhouse Hall & Woodhouse
  • Harveys Harveys
  • Holdens Holdens
  • Hook Norton Hook Norton
  • Elgoods Hook Norton
  • Hydes Hook Norton
  • Holts Hook Norton
  • JW Lees JW Lees
  • McMullen McMullen
  • Palmers Palmers
  • brains brains
  • Shepherd Neame Shepherd Neame
  • St Austall St Austall
  • theakston theakston
  • timothy-tailor timothy-tailor
  • wadworths wadworths
  • youngs youngs