Considerations To Running A Pub

There are many rewards to running your own pub, but it is important to also be realistic about the potential hard work involved.

Being your own boss can be both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding - as long as you go into it with your eyes open and armed with the right information.

With Family Brewer members, you are guaranteed all of the support, advice and encouragement you will need in order to successfully run your own pub.

However, it is important to realise that running a pub is not so much a job, but a way of life - it is important to bear in mind:

  • Long working hours and never really being 'off duty'
  • Strain on personal relationships if running the pub with a partner for example
  • A need to be very commercially aware
  • Being able to cope with difficult situations
  • Being an effective team manager and keeping constantly abreast of employment law, management techniques and training programmes for your staff
  • A need to be financially astute
  • Being knowledgeable about licensing law, health and safety and food hygiene
  • Being a figure of responsibility within the community, you may find yourself working with the police and other local authorities to combat crime and public disorder through schemes such as Pub Watch.

Each Family Brewer is committed to the ways of working outlines in the Voluntary Code of Practice you are considering running a pub with a Family Brewer you should read the Voluntary Code of Practice to understand the commitment our members have made.

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