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Batemans Brewery of Wainfleet Lincolnshire is one of the few independent family owned breweries left in the U.K. The Batemans story is one of enterprise, innovation and good, honest, human values.

George and Susannah Bateman started the Brewery in 1874 to supply the local farmers, who paid their land workers part in produce, part in money and part in beer. Why they bothered with money, we have no idea – as it seems most of it was spent on more of George’s beer!

Batemans have been brewing well-loved beers and running great pubs to the highest standard ever since.

After four generations, Batemans is still independent to the bone. Having fought hard for that independence and Jaclyn and Stuart Bateman, fourth generation, feel it’s their duty to protect it, along with the fantastic brewery and all that it stands for. Honesty, creativity and gritty determination have all fuelled their passion for doing what’s right by people and the business.

The beers are brewed by brewers, not accountants. That’s why people love them. Rather than cut corners to save on costs, they stick to the best ingredients and brewing methods to ensure a perfect pint. It’s this approach that allows them to be adventurous in their creations. And that’s why people love the beers – to which the drinkers and awards cabinet are a true testament.

Standing up for fairness - In the pub industry Batemans have paved the way for fairness and transparency and were the first brewery in the country to hold a fully accredited tenanted code of practice.

In everything they do, they never compromise on quality or care for their customers. And are proud to play their part in providing a secure and rewarding future for all the passionate, talented people they work with.

They’ve always looked forward, while remaining true to their roots. That means they’ve often found clever ways to evolve and overcome the challenges thrown at them. The Bateman family have endured quite a few of these over the years, from the temperance movement during World War One to a takeover threat in the 1980s – and everything in-between.

Say Jaclyn and Stuart ‘While we continue to brew up new ideas, the enterprising yet human philosophy driving that innovation will never change. Not on our watch.’

Run a pub with Batemans

Ever since Batemans started brewing in 1874, they have earned a reputation for putting people first.

By doing just that, they have paved the way for fairness in the industry. Their standard-setting code of practice was the first to be accredited and they were the first independent brewer to abolish rent reviews.

'We see it as our privilege to work alongside publicans who share our passion for Good Honest Pubs. And it’s our job to support and reward their endeavour. That’s why we call our tenants our ‘business owners’. Stuart Bateman

Batemans Profit Partnership model is based on a fair, trusting relationship between landlord and publican – one which offers the best possible tailor-made support in the trade.

The success of their pubs relies on the expertise, professionalism and hard work of the licensees. So it’s up to the Brewery to support each and every one in maximising the potential of their business.

Batemans believe their support package is unrivalled. They provide expert training, marketing tools, a mentoring service for trade newcomers, legal assistance, subsidised purchasing, regular visits and much more. And they have a track record for successful capital investment programmes.

Contact details: Penny Bembridge

Telephone: 01754 882010.

Brewery Tours

We are extremely proud of the tours we offer, which are fun and informative. As well as the actual tour round the Victorian, modern brew houses and windmill, there is a talk about the interesting history of the brewery and those who have worked here over the years, as well as ample sampling and tutored tasting. There are usually 5 tours per week, so please look at our website for details.

For more infomation please visit or contact us on 01754 882009 / 882000.

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